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These 15 Vintage Ads Are A Blast To The Past In The Weirdest And Best Ways!

A two-photo collage. The first shows a man standing behind and leaning against a gigantic TV with a VHS next to it. The second shows three different hands holding three different phones, one is labeled past and is corded wooden wall telephone. The one labeled as present is a cord telephone without the buttons. The one labeled future is a corded phone with the numbered buttons on it.

There are so many ways to metaphorically take a trip back in time, whether it be through photographs, old shows, or reminiscing over memories. The group vintageads on Reddit, however, focuses on just that: vintage ads! With over 136,000 members, there’s no shortage of long-forgotten ads that will remind you of just how much things have changed over the years.

From televisions and phones to toilet paper and Game Boys, we’ve gathered some of the best posts from the group for you to enjoy below. So keep on scrolling to take a quick trip to the past – and to see if there are any ads that you recognize!

1. This American Airlines ad from 1971 has us asking: What needs to happen for these to come back?

2. In 1982, Cottonelle made sure that every part of your bathroom could match the décor!

3. “Remember digging through the Entertainment section of the newspaper to find the movie listings?”

4. What a time!

5. Sounds like this phone from 1978 was purrfect for Garfield fans!

6. “How to carry 20 megabytes of data around in 1985.”

7. Apple computers from the late 90s look a bit different than how they do now…

8. An ad for how to become the coolest kid in school.

9. This 1960s GM ad feels like it’s predicting the future!

10. This 1965 GE ad showcases a time when avocado-colored appliances were all the rage.

11. This GE widescreen television from 1978 must have been cutting-edge at the time!

12. Want to listen to music with a friend while you skateboard together? In 1980, all you had to do was buy a Sony Walkman!

13. “Remember when Brach’s Pick A Mix was the best thing about going to the grocery store? (1970s)”

14. This Game Boy ad is a picture-perfect example of the 90s aesthetic.

15. This prediction of phones by Western Electric in 1959 is amazing.

Wow, there’s nothing like a blast from the past! Just think, before we know it, we’ll be looking back on the ads of today through a lens of nostalgia!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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