“The Wonky Ones Are The Perfect Ones.” Abandoned Kitten Finds His Purrfect Furever Home.

closeup of an orange and white tabby who is wearing cloth around his neck and a small, dark gray beret on his head

In the middle of a street in the Bronx, a small kitten sat on a concrete wall for weeks, crying out for help.

The poor thing was only 8 months old but had a long list of health problems, no doubt in part from being left out in the cold for so long. But thanks to the Little Wanderers NYC, this sweet little boy is happier and healthier than ever!

As soon as this foster-based rescue was alerted of this abandoned kitten, volunteers rushed him to the vet. He was then named Clayton after the street he was found on: Clayton Avenue.

“Clayton had hypothermia, a horrendous upper respiratory infection and ulcers on his tongue,” Little Wanderer NYC said. “He was on the brink of death but brought back to life within hours of rescue.”

Despite all of the ailments Clayton had, he couldn’t have been a sweeter patient. Even the challenge of eating while suffering from esophagitis and ulcers couldn’t keep this beloved boy down.

“A feeding tube would get him over the hump and provide nutrition to boost his immune system while letting his upper digestive tract heal,” they said. “He played and purred through everything. He was the sweetest boy ever.”

Once Clayton became healthy enough, he was given over to Rebeccah L, a Little Wanderers NYC volunteer who was thrilled to have the honor of caring for this loveable kitten.

She began her time with Clayton with an extra amount of attention and care as he continued to deal with health issues. Then, after just a few days, he was finally able to eat normally! This huge milestone made a world of difference in his health and mood.

“He was more active, brighter and verbal,” Rebeccah said. “His purrs were so loud, almost with gratitude. He was eating 2.5 cans per day, and he almost forgot he was sick.”

Even though Rebeccah intended to foster Clayton until he could find his forever home, by the time he had made a full recovery, she couldn’t bare the thought of parting with him… and so she didn’t! Instead, she chose to adopt him!

“Clayton means the world to me,” she said. “I wake up most nights and he’s snuggled himself in my arms.”

That was three years ago. Now, Clayton makes sure that each foster animal that comes into their home feels just as cared for and loved as he did.

“He’s why I foster. I can’t stand to think there are other babies like him with nowhere to go,” Rebeccah said. “I’m lucky to have him … I always tell people medical fosters are the best. Like people want a perfect pet but the wonky ones are the perfect ones.”

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