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The Wholesome Reason NBA Star Mitchell Robinson Is Roommates With His High School Coach

Butch Stockton smiles wide as he poses with Mitchell Robinson and another man.

Mitchell Robinson hasn’t forgotten those who helped him get to where he is today. Before he was an NBA player for the New York Knicks, he was a star player on his high school’s basketball team. Here, he met coach Butch Stockton. From nearly the day they met, he became a mentor to the young athlete. In fact, Butch caught word of the 6’11” high schooler before they even officially met.

Once Butch did meet Robinson, however, he knew that there was something special about him. His wife also took note of this, insisting that she and Butch take the time and effort to help him in whatever ways they could.

An old high school photo of Mitchell Robinson. He's posing with his high school basketball coach, Butch Stockton, and two others.

“Butch, he’s a special young man,” the former high school coach recalls his wife saying. “And we have to do everything we can to help him reach his full potential.”

They did just that. Over the years, both Butch and his wife supported Robinson as he made his way to the NBA. It’s clear that, once Robinson did make it, he wanted to give back to this sweet couple for all they did. This can be seen in the way he stepped up after Butch’s wife became ill last year.

Mitchell Robinson smiles as he poses with Butch Stockton's wife.

NBA Star Mitchell Robinson Gives Back to Former High School Basketball Coach in the Sweetest Way

When she was in the hospital, Robinson made sure to visit her every day that he could. During this time, the three of them became closer than ever. This love and care for Butch and his wife only grew after she sadly passed away. With Butch living all alone in Louisiana, Robinson had a heartwarming idea.

“He said ‘Coach, there’s no reason to stay down here in Louisiana anymore. You come to New York with me and enjoy yourself and get your mind back straight because you know how much you loved your wife, and how much I loved your wife'” Butch shares. “And it’s just been a great situation.”

Now, the two of them are officially roommates! You might not expect a former high school coach and a now NBA player to live together, even temporarily, but it’s clear the arrangement is perfect for them both. What an incredible way for this NBA star to give back to a man who helped him reach his potential!

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