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The Ultimutt Feel Good List: 10 Therapy Animals You Need To Meet.

Therapy dog wearing medical gear.

You’re cruising through your feed, a blend of headlines and hashtags, when you stumble upon a cure for the common scroll — therapy animals. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill cute pet pics; these animals are practically pros in stress relief and joy delivery.

Curious how a therapy dog in scrubs or a sleeping mask-clad pup can turn your day around? Stay with us. Our handpicked list of ten wholesome therapy animal moments will have you hitting “share” faster than you can say “aww.”

1. Bingo’s out, fur brushes in — seniors find their new favorite pastime.

2. The dogtor will see you now.

3. Canine nurses, reporting for duty!

4. Poodle’s ready to rock — and roll over.

5. Recess is overrated — cuddle time is the new playground favorite.

6. These puppies are all ears. Even without the audiobook.

7. Wait, that’s not a dog — it’s Oakley, the feline therapist flipping the script!

8. When dogs get sick, this therapy pup is the ultimate snuggle prescription.

9. Teddy’s got a coat for every forecast — even the ruff ones.

10. Prepping for a hard day’s work with some shut-eye — sleep mask and all.

It’s hard not to smile when you see a therapy dog — or cat — doing what they do best: spreading happiness and comfort. These angels with fur go beyond the call of duty, touching lives and warming hearts wherever they go. Next time you spot one, take a moment to give them a well-deserved pet or hug. After all, they’re working hard to make the world a brighter place. Share this article to spread the paw-sitivity!

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