“The Most Florida Thing” Ever! Clever Dog Learns To Surf Flooded Streets.

Three years ago, a street dog in the Cayman Islands met a vacationing couple who instantly fell for his scruffy good looks, sweet nature, and loving energy.

Bo the dog’s Caribbean owners could no longer care for him, so Peter Rosen and his husband brought the shepherd mix home to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The dog became their constant companion, joining them on hikes, bike rides, and any other adventure they embarked upon.

“He’s pretty much gung ho for anything I want to do,” Peter explained. “He just wants to be with me.”

Neighbors say it’s not unusual to see Bo riding shotgun in the sidecar of his owner’s Vespa scooter as Peter drives around town. The dog also sits inside a papoose sling while Peter skateboards, so he’s clearly up for anything.

Perhaps that’s why last year, when the streets of southern Florida were flooded by a big storm, Peter taught Bo how to sit on a surfboard and “surf” behind his Vespa. When the streets flooded again this year, both Peter and Bo were ready. Peter said his smart pup remembered how to surf the second he pulled out the board.

“He’s pretty talented,” said the proud dog dad.

Thankfully for us, neighbor Rachel Frank was trying to walk her own dog through the flooded streets and was there to capture this unusual spectacle on video.

“Honestly the most Florida thing I’ve ever seen,” Rachel captioned her videos on Facebook.

“I couldn’t stop laughing and filming,” she later told The Dodo. “My dog was with me and just wanted to jump in and play too.”

As Rachel’s camera rolled, Peter comes driving around a corner on his bright yellow Vespa. Behind him, Bo surfs along on his board, seeming completely relaxed and at ease.

What a funny sight! You just never know what you’ll see when you’re out and about. We’re so glad Rachel shared video so we can witness this talented dog and his human, too.

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