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“The Kid Never Had A Lesson.” Child Prodigy With Autism Gets Incredible Gift From Stranger.

child prodigy piano

When a piano tuner heard that an autistic child prodigy needed a piano, he wrote a five-figure check to ensure the little boy got exactly what he needed.

11-year-old Jude Nyame Yie Kofie was featured on Denver’s ABC 7 in 2022 after his father, Isaiah, learned his son had an incredible talent that came out of nowhere. Jude could play the piano “at Mozart level,” despite never taking a single lesson.

Child prodigy playing the piano.

Isaiah found this out after Jude uncovered an old keyboard in his family’s basement one day. Jude turned it on and began playing like a professional. So Isaiah bought his son a better keyboard. The boy continued to play and grow his talents, so his family hoped to purchase him a real piano one day. But they couldn’t imagine being in the position to do so any time soon.

As his parents shared during Jude’s feature, they immigrated from Ghana and were caring for their four children while sending money to their family back home. Isaiah said there were no “resources” left over.

Child Prodigy Gifted $15,000 Piano From Complete Stranger

Professional piano tuner Bill Magnusson happened to catch the child prodigy’s story on ABC 7 and knew he had to help. So he called the news station for more information.

“[My] first reaction was, ‘This kid is Mozart level,'” he said. “And he deserves the very best.”

Bill had a portion of his inheritance, left by his father, stashed away. He used $15,000 of it to buy a grand piano, which he had delivered to Jude’s door.

Jude Nyame Yie Kofie on a new piano.

“All for free,” Isaiah told CBS News through tears. “Who does that?”

Isaiah said that Bill is considered part of the family now. He regularly visits and has pledged to tune the piano for the rest of his life. He’s also paying for Jude to take lessons.

“It’s like looking at the face of God,” Bill shared with ABC 7. “…The ripple effects for the next 70 or 80 years are incalculable. It’s not just for him. It’s for all the people he’s going to touch.”

You can follow Jude’s ongoing story here—and don’t forget to share his incredible story.

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