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The Key To 69 Yrs Of Wedded Bliss? Couple Says Their Success Boils Down To 1 Thing.

kenneth and elizabeth gage smiling as they sit together on a couch with their arms around each other. he's looking forward while she's looking at him.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, but its also given us priceless moments that highlight the delicacy and beauty of everyday life.

In May 2020, Elizabeth and Kenneth Gage of Woodland, California celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary… but there was a catch. Elizabeth was in a rehab facility fighting COVID, and no visitors were allowed inside. So instead of their usual evening of dinner and dancing, Kenneth showed up with a bouquet of balloons and smooched his bride right through the glass-front door.

Kenneth and Elizabeth met when they were 17 and 15 years old respectively. They hit it off right away and formed a tight friendship which quickly blossomed into love. The first year of the pandemic was the first time they had been apart on their anniversary in close to 70 years!

“I don’t care if it’s one hour, two hours, ten days, ten years, I just want to be with her,” said Kenneth of his desire to see Elizabeth on their anniversary.

Kenneth got his wish in 2022 when the couple was able to celebrate their 69th anniversary together, at long last.

“They’re way more in love now than even when I was growing up,” said Darcy Mindel, their daughter who currently lives overseas in France.

She says that her parents always celebrated special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries at home but that they did so in style.

“They always celebrated their birthdays in black tie on their own, they didn’t go to their restaurants,” Darcy said. “My dad put on a tux, my mom put on an evening gown and they had dinners my whole life. They didn’t have money for a steak dinner and they didn’t want to go out for a steak dinner. They just wanted to be together.”

As for what keeps these lovebirds together for all of these years, Kenneth insists the answer is simple: They’re best friends.

“Love is easy but friendship is something that happens only once or twice to a person,” he said. “It’s something that just doesn’t break.”

Elizabeth agrees, adding, “I just want young people to know, marriage takes work and it’s so rewarding.”

Very wise words from two people who clearly know what they’re talking about! Wishing these sweethearts all the best as they celebrate their 69th year together, and we wish them many more!

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