Skater Dubbed “The Ice King” After Extreme Ice Stunts Blow Crowd Away

With the Winter Olympics kicking off, it’s a happy time for hardcore ice skating enthusiasts. However, when we think of ice skating — or just ice itself — we understandably associate it with cold weather conditions. We also assume that the biggest ice skating fans and related talents come from the colder regions of the world.

But that’s not always the case. A young man from Saudi Arabia is doing his best to shatter stereotypes. Fadi Ahmed’s amazing stunts and skating ability led fans to dub him “The Ice King.”


But how exactly does someone from one of the hottest nations on Earth, that’s mostly desert, end up becoming such a big ice skating enthusiast?

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According to Fadi, he first got into ice skating when he was very young and his sister was training to be a figure skater. Even though he was still very small, he would still try to do flips on the ice. Apparently, he’s always been a fearless ice fan!

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Now Fadi has taken his unique take on ice skating international. He relocated to Liverpool, England, where the reaction was a mixture of awe and surprise.

“When I first came to Liverpool, people [didn’t] expect someone from an Arabic country to come and like present something new.”

Fadi’s stunts have earned him quite a few fans on social media, as a growing number of Instagram users are reacting to his videos.

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To see more of Fadi’s mindblowing ice stunts, check out his official Instagram. Share this story with a fellow fan of skating!