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Why I’m The Girl That Still Talks To Her Mom Every Day.

The relationship between a mother and a daughter is uniquely special. As a baby, your mom is the one you depend on for life. Growing up, your mom becomes someone who teaches and nurtures you. Then suddenly, you’re an adult, and– if you’re lucky– your mom becomes your friend.

This final transition can be difficult for some people, and many people don’t understand what it’s like to have a mom as a friend. When Abby Elise Blackwell started college, she was criticized for talking to her mom on the phone every day. So Abby fired back with the open letter below titled, “I’m The Girl That Talks To Her Mom Every Day.”

Check it out below.

Yes, I’m that girl. I’m the girl that you see walking from class to class with the phone pressed up against her face saying, “Hey Mom! Guess what just happened?” or you hear the ending of, “I love you mom talk to you again tonight.” Some would say that I’m wasting my college life away by constantly talking to my mom. That somehow talking to my mom makes me uncool because I tell her everything.

People have told me that now is the time to let go of your family and find out who you really are as a person. I’ve also heard, “Why tell your mom everything when this is the one chance to get away with anything?” I’ll tell you why.

My mom is my absolute best friend.

I never have to worry about my mom talking bad about me behind my back or worry that she’ll leave me. I know she has my best interest at heart and she would never intentionally hurt me. Because she is my best friend I want her to be updated on my life just like all of my other friends.

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Now granted, I won’t be telling her about the pound bag of sour patch kids that I ate (sorry mom) but everything else I want her to know. I don’t feel obligated and I don’t feel like I’m dependent on needing to talk to her to get by. Since she is my best friend why wouldn’t I tell her everything? I know she’ll never judge if I make a mistake and I know if I succeed in something she will be rooting me on.

So yes, I talk to my mom every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s encouraged me to be a better person and lifted me up in the hard times so there’s no way college will make me let go of someone so special.

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