Welcome To The Gentle Barn, Where You Can Hug A Cow And Cuddle Your Stress Away.

a woman named ellie laks smiling as she sits and hugs a sitting cow on her farm called the gentle barn

In case you missed it, cows are basically experts at cuddling away stress.

That’s why there are places, like the Mountain Horse Farm we wrote about a couple of years ago, that allow patrons to cuddle their cows and help them unwind. But they aren’t the only ones offering this cathartic experience!

Animals have always played a major role in Ellie Laks’ life. They’ve helped her heal during difficult times, and by the time she was 7 years old, she had already decided that she wanted to have her very own farm one day… and now she does!

“We rescue animals from severe abuse and neglect and, once healed, partner with them to help people going through trauma,”Ellie said. “We connect people around the world to the magic and love of animals.â€

The farm she runs is a nonprofit called The Gentle Barn. They’re open to the public on Sundays, but they also offer private tours and, of course, cow therapy!

For a whole hour, one person and a guest can spend time with one of their friendly, cuddly cows. Besides being super adorable, according to Ellie, these hugs can help relieve all kinds of mental health issues like anxiety, compassion fatigue, and depression.

“The cows are very intuitive, affectionate, and knowledgeable of their guests’ needs,” she said.

Since founding The Gentle Barn in 1999, Ellie has helped countless people in California who were in need of a little TLC. But her efforts to spread the joy of cow cuddles didn’t end in Santa Clarita – she has since opened up locations in Nashville, Tennessee, and St. Louis, Missouri. Eventually, she hopes to have a location in every single state!

“If someone needs healing, the cows wrap them in a really good hug with their necks,” Ellie said. “Cows are very centered, grounded, and immersed in the present time and they help us do the same.”

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