15 Rescue Pets Who Are Living Proof Of What A Little Love Can Do

cuddling kittens and a smiling dog

There are millions of “unwanted” animals around the world, and all of them are worthy of love and affection!

If you’ve ever adopted a pet, you understand the satisfaction of watching your new furry friend thrive after a difficult start in life. There’s just nothing more gratifying than bringing home a creature who will reward you with companionship and unconditional love. Except, perhaps, adopting more than one!

1. What a difference two years of good nutrition and lots of belly rubs can make.

2. Finley picked the perfect person to follow home one night. His new human was feeling very lonely, so Finley walked right into his house and made himself at home. Instant BFF!

3. “When I adopted her, I made it my aim to see this smile as often as possible.”

4. Mean neighbors abandoned this cute young cat. After a few days in below-zero temperatures, this woman managed to catch her and bring her inside to warm up. Forever.

5. Some wrong-thinkers returned senior dog Brody two times before he found his forever home. “He must have been waiting for me because he’s been the best dog,” his new parent said.

6. On the left, the day Pearl was rescued from the streets. On the right, the day Pearl went to her forever home. Nice glow-up, Pearl!

7. While working the Starbucks drive-thru, a customer pulled up with a box of kittens. “Do you want a kitten?”they asked. “Absolutely I do,” was the only acceptable reply! Cecil the S-bux cat is now 6 years old.

8. They rescued a cat four years ago. Then they brought home a kitten, and big brother instantly took him under his wing.

9. This senior declawed cat was found starving in a hotel storm drain. The poor thing was stick thin and covered in hair mats, but after nearly two years of TLC, she’s happy and healthy!

10. “Just rescued this handsome man. His name is Appa.”

11. Princess Kimchi before and after adoption.

12. Someone found a great big kitty living under a pallet at work. Best work day ever?

13. “Just adopted my first hippo. He gets compliments on how good he looks from strangers on every walk.”

14. “I think I accidentally adopted a dragon. She thinks it’s her job to hoard and guard anything shiny.”

15. This is what it means to adopt a “bonded pair.” Aww!

We’re definitely not crying, so don’t even ask! We’re so glad these animals found their way into loving homes, and we hope everyone will consider pet adoption in the future. There are so many good boys and girls out there just waiting to fill your life with joy.

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