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“The Emotional Moment I Realised My Baby Girl Looked Like My Mum Who Has Passed Away”

A mom is overcome with emotion as she holds her baby in the hospital.

Finally getting to see your baby’s face after giving birth is always an emotional moment, but one mom was especially moved to find that her daughter looked like someone else she loved. As she held her little girl in her arms, she could clearly see a resemblance to her own late mother. The woman burst into tears when she came to this realization. A touching clip of this moment has been going viral online.

In the beautiful video, Mom looks down at her baby and suddenly recognizes her late mother’s face in her little girl. Her reaction is just too precious for words!

“She looks like my mum!” the woman exclaims, still holding her daughter close.

While this mom is overcome with emotion as she realizes just who her baby girl looks like, her partner is right by her side to comfort her. The comments section under the video is filled with parents who had similar experiences when their own children were born!

“When my baby was born she looked just like my dad,” wrote one user. “He had passed away two years before.”

A mom is overcome with emotion as she holds her baby in the hospital.
Screengrab from Instagram

“I felt the same way when I realized my son looked exactly like my mom who passed away,” added another.

What a beautiful reminder that our loved ones live on through their families! It’s amazing that this woman now has an additional connection to her late mom in the baby who looks just like her.

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