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The Cutest Nugget! McDonald’s Workers Help Deliver Something More Precious Than Food.

a two-photo collage. on the left, A'Landria lies on the floor surrounded by other people (what appear to be paramedics). She is wearing an oxygen mask and Deandre's hands are placed on her arm and waist. on the right, there is a picture of baby nandi.

Nowadays, many expectant mothers are choosing to give birth someplace other than a hospital. However, few women envision laboring in a public bathroom at a fast-food restaurant.

It’s safe to say that McDonald’s was not a part of the original birth plan for A’Landria Worthy and her fiancé, Deandre Phillips. Nevertheless, this popular restaurant played a crucial role in the delivery of their beautiful baby girl!

The Atlanta couple was already en route to hospital when they stopped at the local McDonald’s on Fulton Industrial Boulevard for a quick bathroom break. What happened next caused A’Landria to let out a fierce scream, alerting another customer.

“I went into the bathroom and my water broke immediately,” A’Landria said. “It was an experience because it happened so fast.”

Once informed about A’Landria, workers instantly banded together to face the unusual challenge: a customer in active labor.

“I thought they was joking, and I open the door, didn’t see anyone, but I saw feet [under the door],” said General Manager, Tunisia Woodward. “I opened, and she was on this toilet lying back, screaming. Then I knew to tell my crew; we’re having a baby today.”

Time to step it up, fast. According to Tunisia, both Sha’querria Kaigler and Keisha Blue-Murray proved to be vital crew members in the safe and speedy delivery of a healthy baby girl. With Deandre by her side, A’landria labored for fifteen minutes before ushering their little one into the world. Paramedics arrived soon thereafter.

A’Landria and Deandre have selected a lovely name for their daughter: Nandi Ariyah Moremi Phillips. However, Nandi may have to get used to hearing another name as well: McDonald’s Little Nugget. This clever nickname was given to Nandi by McDonald’s employees who helped with her miraculous birth. Dad offered his seal of approval.

“She’s definitely a nugget,” confirmed Deandre. “My parents loved the name, too. We were like, okay, it fits her. My little nugget.”

Employees were later rewarded for their heroic efforts with $250 gift cards from a local McDonald’s owner named Steve Akinboro. Talk about generous! Speaking of which, Tunisia is planning to spend her entire gift card on Nandi. A baby shower is also in the works at the same Atlanta location. Apparently, there’s no limit to the spirit of giving when it comes from the heart.

Don’t you love hearing about ordinary people who rise to the occasion in extraordinary circumstances? We sure do!

Thanks to a brave mom, her supportive partner, and some everyday heroes, we Nandi is doing just fine. And if she develops a habitual craving for skinny fries and Chicken McNuggets? At least she comes by it naturally! Better yet, this potential side effect has a quick fix – Little Nugget will always be welcome back at her local McDonald’s.

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