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The Cheshire Cat Really Exists — And We Just Found Him!

cheshire cat

We’d like to interrupt your daily scrolling for a celebration of a highly adorable kitty that looks just like the Cheshire Cat.

No hard-hitting story here.

Just a sweet little kitty whose smile deserves to be celebrated! Let’s see if this kitty’s smile is enough to give you one, too!

cheshire cat real life
This super-duper cutie pie image is from Reddit.

The Cheshire Cat has a wide smile and a knowing smirk. I’d say this orange kitty is nailing it! Apart from the purple and pink fur… I’d say it’s right on.

Let’s take a look at what people are saying about this Wonderland kitty.

“Aww, that smile of his… it’s almost like a Cheshire’s,” posted one viewer.

The owner responded, saying, “I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought this lol. I personally find it almost unnerving, but I wouldn’t let this cloud my judgement. Still a good kitty that deserves snacks.”

cheshire kitty
This asbolutely adorable image is from Reddit.

Of course this is a good kitty! Even though the cheshire is a bit spooky, this cat is absolutely the most perfect little creature on Earth. All cats are… duh!

Other folks thought this cat looked more like Garfield, attaching Garfield gifts and sharing thoughts.

“Garfield smile,” someone commented.

orange kitty
This unbelievably sweet image is from Reddit.

Other folks just loved on this kitty without relating him to anyone.

“That’s the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a cat! So adorable!”

“Hard to believe this cat is real. He’s really letting other cats down by not keeping with the never-show-them-you-like-them plan,” commented one viewer. That’s true. This cat is showing their true cards!

Whether you think this sweetie looks like the Cheshire Cat or Garfield, he sure is a sweetheart. I hope someone gives him some lasagna!

The featured image for this post is from Reddit.

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