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The Cat Came Back! Doorbell Camera Captures Adorable Moment Missing Feline Returns.

Remember that old song about the cat who just couldn’t stay away? In the case of a 5-year-old shorthair named Oliver, the cat really did come back.

Oliver disappeared from his Illinois home during the early morning rush. As Roxy Heinhorst hurried to leave on time for work, the kitty managed to make his way out the door. For an indoor cat like Oliver, the outside world meant new, unexplored territory. He must have decided play it safe when you’ve got nine lives to gamble with?

When Oliver’s owners came home from work that day, they discovered an empty house. Footage from their doorbell camera alerted them to Oliver’s escape. Fearing the worst, they quickly began a search of the neighborhood, only to return minus their treasured pet.

In a last-ditch effort to lure Oliver back home, Roxy was placing his favorite blanket on the front porch when the cat himself suddenly appeared. The tearful reunion was caught on doorbell camera as Roxy can be seen embracing her lost cat, while bouncing up and down with obvious relief. As for Oliver, he looks awfully content being cradled in Roxy’s arms.

Although we may never know exactly where he spent those 12 hours away from home, one thing is certain — Oliver is truly loved and cherished by his owners! Moving forward, Roxy isn’t taking any chances. Oliver will now enjoy the outdoor experience from the safety of an enclosed porch.

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