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“The Best Parking Ticket I’ve Ever Received.” Man Lights Up When He Looks Closer At Cop’s Citation.

When you come back to your parked car and see a ticket on the windshield, your first reaction is probably not, “This is the greatest.” But Reddit user Vewy_nice posted a photo online of his ticket, captioning it, “The greatest parking ticket I’ve ever received.”

He explained in a note on the car’s dash that he wasn’t able to move the car from in front of his apartment. His own car had broken and was in the shop, so this was a car he borrowed. But his bad luck continued, and this borrowed car wouldn’t start! After all of that, he took a bus to work, but had to leave the borrowed car at home. The borrowed car didn’t have a permit on it, so he left a note on the windshield begging to be spared from a ticket.

My vehicle (with a resident permit) is in the shop for repairs, so I borrowed this vehicle. It won’t start, and I have to take the bus to work. I can’t do anything about this until after work. It’d be REAL COOL if you didn’t give me a parking ticket.

But when Vewy_nice came back to his car, he saw a pink ticket under his windshield. “My heart sank a bit when I saw the little slip flapping away on the walk up to my apartment after work,” he wrote. “But my day got like 20x better when I actually looked at the ticket!”


The ticket was blank. No citation whatsoever. No ticket, no warning, just a big smiley face.

What a wonderful surprise to walk up to.

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