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The Battle Of The Century: Andean Condor Vs. Snowman

After a snowfall, caretakers made a snowman for the Andean condor and several other birds at the World Bird Sanctuary.

Inca, the Andean condor, resides at the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri, near St. Louis. When a recent snowfall covered the sanctuary grounds, animal caretakers made snowmen for several residents of the wildlife habitat. Inca approached the snowman cautiously, wary of its sudden appearance in the habitat.

Image shows an Andean condor warily approaching a snowman placed in its enclosure by caretakers.
Image from X (Twitter).

Andean condors are one of the largest birds in the world. With a wing span of ten feet, the huge birds can weigh as much as 33 pounds. They are a member of the vulture family and feed mostly on the carcasses of dead animals. They will occasionally steal eggs or attack young birds in nests. The South American bird enjoys a protected environment within the World Bird Sanctuary.

As an environmental conservation organization, the sanctuary aims to protect and preserve birds. They perform this action through rehabilitation, education, and conservation. The sanctuary provides programs and events that allow guests to get close-up experiences with many species of birds. Let’s return to the Battle Royale, where the Andean condor is busily disarming its opponent.

Dis-arming the snowman, the bird takes charge of the Battle Royale, gaining the upper hand.
Image from X (Twitter).

After several exploratory pecks at the snowman, Inca deftly removed both arms. It is possible that the large bird perceived the sticks as threatening. Once the arms were gone, the Andean condor relaxed its posture and began eating the snowman bit by bit. If it isn’t obvious, we call this Battle Royale a victory for the condor. Kudos to the caretakers for bringing us this joyful sight!

The bird eats bits of the snowman intruder, getting necessary hydration from the snowfall.
Image from X (Twitter).

Ensuring The Future Of The Andean Condor

This isn’t our first journey with members of the condor family. We have watched the California condor rise from extinction in the wild to surviving and thriving. We watched a love story between these great birds unfold near the Navaho Bridge. To ensure that condors continue thriving, the work of sanctuaries and conservation groups is essential. Both the Andean condor and the California condor can continue to thrive due to the intervention of wildlife groups. If you enjoyed Inca’s battle with the snowman, please share the story with friends. You can watch the entire battle below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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