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“That’s The Magic.” QVC Hosts Share The Connection Between Their Careers And Disney.

jane with her family on the left, courtney with her husband on the right

The world is full of magic, even if it’s not like the kind featured in countless Disney movies. The kind we do have, however, can be found everyday in the relationships we build and the moments we share with others. Jane Treacy has come to understand this throughout her life, both as a QVC host and a life-long Disney fan.

As a little girl, Jane would sit cross-legged on her living room floor in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, eyes wide with wonder as she watched “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” Even today, she can still picture herself in that room, desperately wishing she could have a pair of those iconic ears. With no Disney store or an option to shop online at that time, her dad’s only option was to think outside of the box.

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Jane Treacy smiles and poses with her husband and two daughters at Disney.
Jane Treacy

“God bless my dad,” Jane told InspireMore. “He tried so hard. He sent letters, he tried to call — he just so wanted to get me a pair of those classic Disney ears. So I was in love with this feeling of Disney for ever since I can remember.”

Years later, when Jane was in high school, her sister was finally able to bring her back a pair of Mickey ears. Though Jane wouldn’t have the chance to go to the park herself until she was 36 years old, the impact of Disney’s magic, and the belief that “all your dreams come true if you have the courage to pursue them” carried over into all areas of her life, including her career.

 Jane Treacy smiles and poses with her husband at Disney.
Jane Treacy

In 1986, Jane came across an eye-catching ad in the newspaper. A new company, QVC, was looking for hosts. Although the 24-year-old had no idea what a shopping network was exactly, she decided to send in her resume and headshot. If it wasn’t for her mom, however, she may have not shown up to the audition.

As someone used to working in news, Jane doubted her ability as a Program Host. But her mom’s support was unwavering, and she challenged her to sell her on a nearby pencil in the room. In an instant, she told the stories of various people who could use the pencil — an artist that draws a picture, a lover that writes a heartwarming letter. This was enough to convince her to go to the audition.

In case Jane needed a clearer sign that she was exactly where she needed to be in life, the man at the audition asked her to sell him a pencil. Naturally, she delivered the same compelling pitch she had to her mom and, instantly, he was sold. What Jane thought might be a year-long job turned into a decades-long career.

At Disney, Jane Treacy lifts a foot into the air like Cinderella and her husband, kneeling on the ground, points to her shoe.
Jane Treacy

“I met my husband at QVC,” Jane said. “I feel like I practically birthed both daughters on camera and the experience has been incredible because of our customers … when I meet someone and they recognize me and they say, ‘Oh my gosh, I feel like I know you,’ I always answer back, ‘But I feel like I know you too.’ So it’s a beautiful bond that truly started in the beginning and has only gotten stronger through the years.”

Although Jane didn’t go to Disney as a kid, she was able to take her own daughters to the happiest place on earth. Both of them, Cara and Deirdre, adored their visits, but as much as 3-year-old Dierdre wanted to meet her favorite characters, at first she was shy and afraid.

Jane Treacy smiles and poses at Disney with her adult daughters. All of them are wearing Mickey ears.
Jane Treacy

When visiting Lilo and Stitch, Lilo took note of the timid toddler. She carefully approached Dierdre in her stroller and put out her hand for her to touch. She did and, in that moment, all of her fears melted away as the Disney magic stepped in. Suddenly, Dierdre was asking to meet Winnie the Pooh, Mickey, and anyone else she could.

“So that’s the magic,” she said. “It’s those little things that you take from your experience that you hold in your heart forever.”

Jane Treacy and her husband smile. Both of them are dressed in red, black, and yellow, with the theme of "The Incredibles."
Jane Treacy

Jane also experiences these magical moments at QVC when interacting with customers, especially when they call into a live show to share personal, moving stories. The meaningful connections she’s able to make with viewers are an example of why QVC and Disney fit together in her mind perfectly, not unlike Cinderella’s shoe.

“I think the word is just magic, right?” Jane said in describing the connection the two companies have. “It’s a place where we are happy and we share stories.”

This ability to help total strangers connect with one another is what has brought Jane and Courtney Khondabi together. Not only are they co-workers, but they’re both life-long Disney fans.

Old photo of Courtney Khondabi as a kid with her sister, both of them laughing as they pose with Goofy at Disney.
Courtney Khondabi

In fact, ever year, Courtney’s mom and stepdad would take her and her sisters to Disney. As Courtney grew, so did her appreciation for the various lessons she’d learn from Disney movies.

“I’ve learned a lot from Jane,” she said. “I’ve been lucky as her friend but also to go to Disney with her because of the trivia and the facts [they know about Disney], because they’ve loved it for so long; her whole family does.”

Like Jane, Courtney wasn’t sure about making the switch from news reporter to live video shopping host  host, but the chance she took on herself paid off.

Jane Treacy and Courtney Khondabi pose for a photo together at Disney.
Courtney Khondabi

“I’ve been here for six years and it’s just been such a cool journey of kind of figuring out who you are as a QVC host and growing as a person and connecting with customers and figuring out the things that you like to present and the categories that you are passionate about,” she said.

It’s no wonder, then, that both Jane and Courtney are delighted at the Disney products available at QVC. One of Janes favorite Disney products is the the Disney Diamonique Mickey & Minnie Hoop Earrings in Sterling! These gorgeous earrings are perfect for celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary.

a pair of disney diamonique mickey and minnie hoop earrings in sterling

Courtney loves the Disney 100 Set of 3 VHS Boxes with Collectible Figurines because they remind her of the VHS tapes that brought her all the joy and excitement of Disney movies as a child.

3 Disney Cinderella VHS tapes with matching figurines

As an adult, she also collects Disney mugs, and the Disney Mickey Pants & Minnie Skirt 2pc Double Wall Mug Set are an absolutely perfect addition to any mug collection!

Clear mugs shaped like Mickey Mouse's trousers and Minnie Mouse's skirt

“There’s an emotional aspect to QVC shopping and connecting to the customer, and I think that’s very similar in the connection that people who love Disney have with Disney,” Courtney told InspireMore. “So it’s the joy that goes along with it.”

We couldn’t agree more! The joy and magic Disney brings into our lives is priceless. If you’d like to join Jane and Courtney in celebrating, you can click here to shop QVC’s Disney products!

The featured image is courtesy of Courtney Khondabi.

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