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That’s No Bird: Australian Family Discovers Crocodile In Chicken Coop.

crocodile in chicken coop

What do you do when a crocodile winds up inside your family’s chicken coop? Well, to be honest, there’s not a very clear protocol for this. But the Queensland Wildlife Officers took care of the situation — with a great sense of humor!

Here’s a photo of the crocodile, sitting inside a large chicken coop tube.

Queensland Wildlife captioned the photo hilariously.

“Croc-a-doodle-do!” the post began. “This funny-looking chicken has been evicted from a chicken coop at a home north of Mackay.”

The officers showed up and helped to remove the croc from the tube and, thankfully, no chickens or other pets were harmed in this wild catastrophe.

crocodile in chicken coop
This image is from Facebook.

In Queensland, it’s not uncommon for crocs to show up in “funny places” after a season of heavy rain. Since the region just saw some serious precipitation, this crocodile wound up in this chicken coop!

As always, if you identify an animal in a weird spot, reach out to your local wildlife department. Wildlife officers are professionals at navigating odd and sometimes silly animal situations. Stay safe and lean on the professionals when it comes to things like crocodiles in chicken coops!

As for this croc, he’s staying in the safe care of the Queensland Wildlife Department until they find a new home.

The featured image for this post is from Facebook.

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