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Thar She Delivers! Whale Watchers Witness Breathtaking “Once-In-A-Lifetime” Sighting.

Ariel, top-down view of a giant whale and its newborn baby swimming up to a boat.

When passengers stepped aboard Capt. Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari boat at Dana Strands Beach, they had no idea that a rare circumstance was about to unfold right before their very eyes.

Of course, regular whale sightings were to be expected. Why book a guided whale watching tour if not to view these majestic creatures in their natural habitat? What the passengers soon witnessed, however, was much more than your typical whale sighting in Southern California – and it was all captured on video and posted to YouTube and Facebook.

According to a statement that accompanied the YouTube video, a whale was first spotted “behaving sporadically” as something orange and red-colored appeared in the water.

“For a minute, many of us thought it may be a shark or a predatory event.” they shared. “But no, instead of the end of life, it was the beginning of life.”

In the video, spectators can be heard oohing and ahhing over the miracle of birth. Known as “cow” and “calf” in the cetacean world, the gray whales are then seen swimming close together as they begin to bond and explore the open waters off the coast of Dana Point.

“The female even brought the calf over to the boats as if to show her offspring and say hello,” they added.

Along with the thrill of seeing Momma and baby up close and personal, the crowd had just experienced what the safari called a “once-in-a-lifetime” occurrence. Gray whales are usually found in the North Pacific Ocean. Apparently, these mammals are also more likely to give birth in safer, warmer water, such as the lagoons of Baja California, Mexico. Wow, how exciting!

Watch the amazing whale sighting below and remember to share with friends!

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