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100s Of Kids Are Bringing Surfside First Responders Hope With Heartfelt Thank-You Notes.

As the days have worn on, hopes of recovering more missing people involved in a Surfside, Florida, condo collapse have faded.

First responders have constantly been on the scene since this tragic event occurred, sifting valiantly through the rubble to save lives until they couldn’t anymore. Their work is both mentally and physically exhausting, but hundreds of children have found a way to lift their spirits during this difficult time!

Florida Senator Lauren Book has spent every day at the disaster site. After one long shift, she headed home to her 4-year-old twins, Kennedy and Hudson Byrnes, who wanted to know why she smelled like smoke. She told them a child-appropriate version of what had happened, explaining that firefighters, police officers, and volunteers alike were “working really hard” to help everyone involved in the collapse.

“I’m a big Mr. Rogers person, and one of the things I always try to talk to my kids about, in any scary situation, is to look for the helpers,” Book told The Washington Post.

Kennedy and Hudson were so impressed by the first responders’ efforts that they decided to do something to help. They sat down and started making thank-you cards out of construction paper and crayons, crafting about 50 notes filled with precious drawings and words of encouragement.

The next day, Book passed her kids’ cards out at the disaster site. She could not believe the reaction of the hardworking first responders!

“You can see the suffering on their faces. There is so much tragedy,” she said. “There’s a lot of hope that’s lost, and there’s a lot of anger, suffering, uncertainty, and frustration.”

Yet when they opened their cards, many rescuers immediately began to cry. “It’s a small piece of relief and a sign that somebody is there sending them a hug,” Book added.

The cards were so well-received that Book shared the experience on Twitter. Soon, kids from all over the country began making their own letters for the teams on the ground, and the senator’s office was flooded with more than 500 adorable notes!

Some of them came from local children who have been directly affected by the collapse. Nine-year-old Valentina Carmona lives nearby and knows several families who lived in the condo. She found that writing letters has helped her cope with her grief.

“I am so happy that so many people are working together to help Surfside,” she said. “I hope they know that they are appreciated, and these cards are my thank you.”

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Captain Omar Blanco said receiving a card “stopped me in my tracks.”

The innocence of children reminds us that the world is a beautiful place, no matter what tragedy we might be dealing with. Nothing is more comforting than a note from a child just to say thank you.

Many first responders are keeping their cards as a token to remind them that what they’re doing is important to many people, near and far.

“I will keep it with me and share it with my kids and grandkids,” first responder Jack Landau said. “They should see how the world is supposed to be. These small kids are our future heroes and leaders, and our future first responders.”

The incredible card initiative is expanding every day. Teachers and summer camps are having their kids write letters, and hundreds more are expected in the coming days. Book believes this is a great way to show children how anyone can make a difference in the world.

“I think for little kids, sometimes the world seems so big and so scary, but all of us in any capacity have a way to help,” she said. “This is a way for kids to understand that no matter how big or bad a situation is, they, too, can make a difference.”

If your family would like to join in, you can send your children’s letters to Book’s office at 967 Nob Hill Rd, Plantation, FL 33324. You can also send them to Senator Jason Pizzo’s office at 5582 NE 4 Ct, Ste 7B, Miami, FL 33137.

Every bit of positivity and love counts in times like these. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in the Surfside disaster.

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