Texans Scared Of Hailstorm Protected Their Cars In The Most Hilarious Ways.

April showers bring May flowers, but what if those showers happen to contain golf ball-sized hail?

The weather report for North Texas looked increasingly grim one spring day, and meteorologists warned that conditions were ripe for super-cell thunderstorms. These strong storms often bring wind, rain, and hail, so the media was quick to warn residents to protect their cars from damage if at all possible.


“This [is] what happened with my Cadillac Escalade Esv 2018. Here in Frisco,” shared local Alex Mazieri in response to the weather reports. Soon everyone in the region was finding creative ways to get their cars under cover and out of harm’s way. Those who had thought ahead and could afford an inflatable hail protector fired up the air pump and placed their cars in a bouncy-house-style cocoon.


Those with garages found ways to squeeze four cars into a three-bay garage using some bizarre Tetris block geometry we don’t quite understand. Some trucks were a bit too big to fit inside, so they had to improvise. “Plenty of room in the garage but my husband’s truck doesn’t quite fit!” wrote Jennifer Seale on Facebook.


Other people turned their front porch into a make-shift garage bay. Hey, whatever works in a pinch! “Excuse me while y’all are grabbing y’alls beds, mattress toppers, etc.” wrote Jo Peterson with a laugh.


For those who could find cover for their cars, providing some padding against the hail was their only option. Soon photos of the creative approaches to buffering their rides started flooding the local news station’s Facebook page, and the pictures are a terrific mixture of genius and ridiculous.

Fox 5

This tough truck is prepared…

texas hail storm

People began raiding their storage sheds for pool floats, blankets, pillows, and anything else they could think of. This guy only had cardboard boxes on hand, but that didn’t stop him!


Bags of mulch will work, right? Of course, they will! Let’s just hope none of the hail aims for those unprotected windows…


No bags of bark mulch? No problem! Just use some garbage bags full of grass clippings. Some people will stop at nothing to protect their wheels!


Others saw the impending hail storm’s silver lining. One resident wrote, “I need a new paint job anyway.”

texas hail storm

Now that you’ve seen how clever these Texans were, here’s the kicker. The weather was bad, and there was a storm… but there was no hail. None! Zip! So all of this glorious effort was for nothing, although it did serve the important purpose of giving us all a good laugh!

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