Customers Baffled By Slow Checkout Line Then See Genius Sign Posted.

Few things are more aggravating than the many minutes wasted waiting in line. You have your food, you have your money. All you need is to get through the line and pay so you can go on with your life.


And then there’s the flipside, being that one person who finds themselves holding up the line. You can practically feel the irritation of the several to dozen people behind you. It’s certainly a major source of anxiety and embarrassment.

But one store’s thoughtful approach to the issue is making customers reconsider what it means to stand in line at the supermarket.

relaxed checkout line

A Tesco located in the Scottish city of Forres is testing out something they call a “relaxed check out line.” Instead of being encouraged to move through quickly with your items, customers get to take all the time they need. They can ask questions or stand and count their cash.

This laid-back approach to checking out customers is certainly unusual, but there’s a good reason for it.


The new checkout line was inspired by a dementia awareness session at the store. What many people often don’t realize is that conditions like dementia can make it very difficult to move quickly through a checkout line.

The relaxed checkout lane currently available on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, and is staffed with cashiers trained by Alzheimer Scotland.

man in line

To learn a bit more about this insightful program, please check out the Facebook video below. If you appreciate empathetic programs like this, be sure to share this story.

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