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Bank Rejects Woman’s Custom Card, So She Pleads With Terry Crews On Twitter.

Score 1 for the little guy (or gal)!

When Darrel Kennedy of Los Angeles, California applied for a new Wells Fargo platinum debit card, the company told her that she could put any image she wanted on her card. Darrel decided to use a special picture to remind herself not to spend too much of her hard-earned cash.


As a fan of actor and former football player Terry Crews, the choice was obvious! Just look at this face. Would you spend too much cash if he was looking back at you? We think not.


Unfortunately, however, Wells Fargo didn’t see the humor in Darrel’s choice. The company rejected her request and told her she’d need to obtain written consent from Terry if she wanted to use his image on her card. What’s a girl to do when she needs to get in touch with a movie star in today’s day and age? Head to Twitter, of course!


Darrel tweeted her request and asked for the internet’s help, and before you can say “Old Spice” Terry himself had responded.


Not only did Terry grant Darrel permission to use his image, he even let her know that he uses a similar tactic to keep himself in line. Check out the picture Terry carries around in his wallet:


It worked! Wells Fargo approved Darrel’s awesome new card, and the internet was reminded that Terry Crews is a national treasure. Don’t be surprised if the banks all use Terry’s face as a budgetary aid from now on!

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