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Terri Irwin Reveals Touching Reason She Hasn’t Dated Since Losing Steve.

Love is a tricky thing.

There are those who say there’s only one person meant to be your partner for life and others that say that love can bloom with anyone… but when you’ve found that special someone, life without them can be hard to adjust to. After the tears have dried and years passed, the memory remaining can cripple you or help you fly to new horizons.

The choice is yours to make.

Few have shown the potential of what life can be after a loved one has passed like the Irwin family.  Though heartbroken by the loss of their beloved father and husband Steve Irwin, Terri, Bindi, and Robert Irwin have never lost their joy or zest for life.

Several years ago, Terri Irwin was the focus of a tabloid rumor that spread like wildfire, claiming that she was dating acclaimed actor Russell Crowe. The duo were never dating, though Irwin claims Crowe is a “great guy but absolutely just a dear friend,”she explained. “The saying goes, when it comes to friends I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies… and he’s definitely a quarter.â€

In 2017, Irwin appeared in an interview with Access Hollywood explaining her reason for not dating since Steve’s death. And her reasoning is one we all need to hear.

“I haven’t dated anyone in the ten years since we lost Steve just because I feel a connection still with Steve. You know when you take those vows, and say ‘we’ll be together as long as we both shall live,’ I really don’t think I would’ve married if I hadn’t met Steve.”

“And he’s very special to me and continues to be. And I’ve got beautiful kids and a lot of wonderful conservation work, so, I’m lonely for Steve but I’m not a lonely person.”

Terri’s daughter, Bindi, reaffirmed her mom’s decision, saying that she just wants her mom to be happy: “What people sometimes forget is that when you find your soul mate, if you’ve found that soul mate, you really don’t want to move on.”

“So mom had her soul mate, and mom and dad will always be married and will always be together.â€

Whatever the future holds for Terri and her family, everyone can agree that Steve Irwin brought something very special to the world that can never be replaced.

Here’s to hoping that someone just as amazing makes their way into your life.

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