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Tennessee Chick-Fil-A Encourages Employees To Dream Big— Using Name Tags.

Many young Americans begin their work life behind the counter of a fast food establishment.

These kinds of jobs are a great way to learn what it’s like to work in the service industry, and they can provide a much-needed stepping stone for people who hope to achieve great things during the course of their careers. At one Chick Fil-A franchise in Knoxville, Tennessee, the employers have gone a step further to encourage their workers to aspire to bigger and better jobs.


The management at this branch has upgraded the usual name tags to ones indicating each employee’s hopes and dreams for the future.


Each employee name tag now states what job they’re working towards, from Dental Hygienist to Counselor, and everything in between.


By encouraging their workers to pursue their dreams, this location honors the hard work their people are putting in to not just earn a living, but to betting themselves and their families in the long run.


Whether their ambitions are great or small, each employee is encouraged to think about their future and start working towards their goals today.


The corporation is known for their values-lead leadership style and frequent community outreach ventures. This is just another example of how much respect they have for each and every individual who works for them. Let’s hope more branches follow suit and start using name tags like these, too!

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