Teeny-Tiny Pony Is On His Way To Breaking An Adorable World Record.

Pumuckel the pony might be the smallest in the world

From his four tiny hooves to is itty-bitty ears, everything about Pumuckel the pony is small.

While most Shetland ponies weigh around 264 pounds, this 3-year-old comes in at only 77 pounds. At the withers, he measures at a little over 1-foot, 7-inches tall. He’s truly the definition of tiny, and no one knows exactly why. Owner Carola Weidemann says he was born to average-sized parents, but he just came out a lot smaller.

In spite of his size, he’s your typical pony… well, almost. While the rest of his animal friends gather for food outside, Pumuckel gets family privileges usually reserved for humans. That’s right, he gets to eat inside their home!

“We have breakfast together before we go out for outings together,” Carola explained.

Those outings include visiting local hospitals and schools in his native Germany to spread joy as a therapy horse. He’s so small, he can simply ride in the car right next to Carola, who says he’s just about the best little horse she could ever ask for.

“This pony is simply a darling,” she said. “You constantly want to cuddle and caress and love him. He’s a cuddly pony and an incredible friend.”

Carola hoping that when he’s old enough, he will be named the world’s smallest pony in the Guinness Book of World Records. He has to be four to achieve that honor, so not much longer now!

Watch the video below to see Pumuckel in action, and don’t forget to share.

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