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Teens Break Out Snow Shovels At 4:30 AM To Help Neighbor Get To Dialysis On Time.

five teenage boys named justin, patrick, chris, tyler, and amos posing with snow shovels outside after shoveling an elderly woman’s driveway

Snowstorm or not, Natalie Blair needed to get her dialysis treatment. The woman normally uses an ambulance to get to her appointment, but that can only happen when her driveway is clear.

Days before her appointment, a neighbor and local EMT, Brian Lanigan, shoveled her driveway. But when the snowstorm raged on, it became clear that someone would need to do it again. But this time, Brian’s work schedule kept him from helping again.

Instead, Brian called on his little brother, Patrick, who was more than happy to help. Wanting to make sure the job got done in time, he reached out to several of his friends. Before he knew it, Justin, Chris, Tyler, and Amon showed up at the Lanigan house so they could spend the night, wake up at 4:30 a.m., and start shoveling ASAP. Together, they finished within 30 minutes!

These high school heroes didn’t ask for recognition, but Patrick’s dad, Peter Lanigan, was so proud of them that he couldn’t help but share what happened online. Since then, the guy that Peter describes as a “small kid with a big heart.”is feeling very humbled by everyone’s kind words.

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