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Teen With Down Syndrome Gets Rare Invite To Party—Her “Palpable” Joy Goes Viral

Teen Party invite

A teen with Down syndrome went viral for the overwhelming joy she felt after being invited to a party, and her mother hopes the video teaches more people to extend some kindness.

When Heather Avis, picked up her daughter, Macy, 15, from school one afternoon, she was shocked by her mood. The freshman was laughing so hard she was crying, and it was all because a classmate invited her to his birthday party—a simple gesture Macy had rarely experienced.

“Y’all! I’m not exaggerating when I tell you we can count on one hand the amount of birthday parties she’s been invited to by school peers/friends SINCE KINDERGARTEN!” Heather wrote in an Instagram caption.

Heather captured a video of Macy’s reaction, and you can feel the teenager’s happiness. She smiles so big that her face can hardly hold it, and tears form in her eyes as she tells her mom what happened.

“You can hear me start to get choked up because my sweet girl is so elated to be included,” Heather told TODAY.com. “It speaks to the common humanity that we all share. We all as humans want to feel like we belong. We all want to be wanted.” 

“Her joy from this invitation is palpable. WOW!” Heather continued in the caption. “To me, it spoke of a longing fulfilled. All I could do was laugh with her and then cry as I celebrated with her.”

The Teen’s Reaction To The Birthday Invite Is A Reminder “To Create A Space Where Everyone Can Belong”

The birthday boy was part of Macy’s life skills program. He made it a point to invite “both disabled and non-disabled” students to be inclusive.

“People like Macy and the young man we were celebrating, who are often excluded, truly understand how to include others,” Heather wrote in a follow-up post. “Let’s reflect on that for a moment!”

Until recently, Macy had been learning in a general education program with others at her age and grade level. When she moved into a program with other intellectually disabled teens, she finally felt welcomed and accepted.

“As soon as Macy walked into the classroom as a new student, she was instantly embraced. No one was questioning if she has value and worth,” Heather told Today. “She’s finding a place where she feels belonging and community.”

Heather is thrilled that the sweet video went viral, and she’s hoping it helps others realize the overall message.

“We all have opportunity to be the person to say, ‘I’m going to create a space where everyone can belong,’” she concluded.

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