Teen Overcomes Cancer, Pays Tribute To Friend Who Couldn’t: “Every Kid Deserves To Ring The Bell.”

After ringing the bell for his own cancer treatment ending, young man rings the bell for his friend, who didn't make it to bell day.

Cancer is an insidious disease. There, we said it. The treatment for it is no better. It ravages the body while fighting the disease that is destroying the body. When people complete cancer treatments, many clinics have them ring a bell. This small thing is a method of providing hope. When a patient hears someone ringing the bell, it offers them hope that they, too, will reach “bell day.” Today’s video concerns a young man named Christian and the day this kid got to ring the bell.” You’ll need tissues, so you might want to grab them now.


The video opens with Christian standing before a gong, which serves as his cancer center’s bell. He is smiling and waving a huge stuffed fish. He grabs the poor fishy around the mid-section and takes a mighty swing. The fish’s head collides with the gong, creating a very satisfying “bong-g-g-g-g-g.” What Christian did next is what got us tearing up.

boy rings bell after cancer treatment
Image from TikTok.

When he finished ringing the bell to signify the end of his treatment, he took his shirt off to reveal another shirt. The new shirt bore the name of his friend, Izie. He starts talking to explain his actions, “I wanted to do something because I feel every kid deserves to ring the bell at the end of their treatment, including Izie…”

boy's shirt honors girl who passed from cancer
Image from TikTok.

Understanding Why This Boy Rang The Bell Twice

The captioning explains what is happening in the video. Christian and Izie had met and became close during their treatment. Their shared experience led to a very strong bond between the two. Izie finished her treatment before Christian, but not in a happy way. She succumbed to the disease and would never get her chance to have a “bell day” of her own. After explaining that “Every kid deserves to ring the bell,” Christian grabbed the mallet and gave the gong a smack for his friend.

boy rings bell on behalf of cancer patient who passed away
Image from TikTok.

Christian explained that Izie was a warrior. A fighter that deserves her bell day just as much as anyone else. She may not have reached her bell day the same way, but she did earn the day. Happy Bell Day Izie! Rest well, young warrior.

I’m not crying; you’re crying! We probably both are. Christian honored his friend in the best possible way. By acknowledging that her treatment was complete and it was time for rest. Christian is correct — everyone deserves the opportunity to ring the bell. If you know someone affected by cancer, share this to offer them hope for their bell day.

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