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Teen Band Goes Viral After Slaying Cranberries’ “Zombie” At A Neighborhood Party

Cranberries Zombie

An Omaha-based teenaged rock band is going viral after they absolutely slayed a cover of Cranberries’ Zombie at a neighborhood party.

The group of musicians, called The Basement, might have had their big break after the Instagram account Newvisionomaha shared a video of them playing the 1994 hit. The page has shared several clips of the cover, and combined, they’ve accumulated over 2 million views. The page owner, Handy Anderson, joked that the band “broke” his Instagram.

In the posts, the kids were rocking out at a party in their neighborhood, which is also Handy’s neighborhood. A crowd of people sat in lawn chairs and watched the teens as they played on a stage they created in the driveway.

Watch one clip below and keep scrolling for another video.

After Playing Cranberries’ Zombie, The Rock Band Is Riding Their First Wave Of Fame

After going viral with the initial share, several more accounts on multiple platforms also highlighted them, and now they’re getting their first dose of fame.

“I’m a little jealous! I wanna be there! They got a groupie and all…” someone wrote under a reshare on X.

“This makes me happy,” another person said. “That bassist has a rad style and is def goin’ for it, haha.”

“Who are these kids? That’s playing they’re pretty good,” someone gushed. “Please let me know.”

“When the whole neighborhood is depending upon you to make their dreams come true,” a new fan wrote.

According to their X page, the band will be heading on a four-stop tour over the summer. We hope they keep finding success!

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