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Teacher Tells Boy Nail Polish Is Only For Girls — His Dad’s Response Is Golden.

Fashion is always changing, and these days many people have decided to break free from traditional gender-specific styles.

Christian Shearhod is a popular vlogger with almost a million followers on TikTok. He’s a free spirit with tattoos and cool hair, and his little Los Angeles, California family of three has an alternative vibe. Recently, Christian shared the story of an upsetting afterschool pickup that he managed to turn into a teachable moment for us all.

Christian’s son Ashton is 3 years old. He was drawn to shiny nail polishes at a store years ago, and he loves to wear whatever color suits his fancy. One day, however, Ashton was “really upset” when he got into the car. With some prodding, his parents learned that his teacher had told him not to wear nail polish anymore because it’s “just for girls.”

Christian was upset, but explained that he believes in reaching an understanding with people rather than getting mad and going for blood. He decided to set a meeting with the teacher, but not before he brought his son straight to the nail salon for a mani-pedi!

“I wasn’t really mad, I just wanted to go and express my concern, and talk to his teacher and say ‘hey, we really enjoy this, so, kind of, don’t say that,'” Christian explained.

“When my son wants to go out and enjoy something, I’m supportive of it,” he later added. “I want him always to express himself freely and do things that he enjoys regardless of what other people think. Just teaching him to accept himself for what he enjoys, and accept others too.”

“Painting your nails doesn’t mean one thing or another, and wearing a dress doesn’t mean one thing or another, It’s arts and crafts, and play, like theater. It’s having fun, you know? Which is what they should be doing at that age. They shouldn’t be worrying about is this for them? Is this for me? It’s the one time in life you are really free to be yourself, unfiltered, and enjoy whatever you want, really.”

Christian ended by asking teachers to be “a little more free-flowing” and recognize that “the world is changing.” He urges them to allow and encourage self-expression so kids can stay young and carefree as long as possible.

Good advice for us all! It’s important not to judge people’s appearance, abilities, or even style choices. We’re all different and unique, and that’s a good thing!

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