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Teacher Tearfully Pleads For Help Granting Students’ Christmas Wishes — Hundreds Respond.

A teacher tears up while asking people to grant her students' Christmas wishes.

One teacher is determined to make this the best Christmas ever for her students by getting their wishes granted online. Every year, Desert Pines High School in Las Vegas encourages teens to write down what they would like to receive for the holidays and why. Teachers and other community members read through the spreadsheet, then play Santa for the participating students however they can. In order to fulfill even more wishes this year, English teacher Cheri Guy decided to open up “Wishmas” to a wider audience on TikTok.

Cheri started getting emotional in her video as she shared some of the requests her students made. Some kids asked for basic items like slippers to keep them warm in the winter or extra snacks to curb their hunger. Other students made heartfelt Christmas wishes for their friends and families instead of themselves.

Speaking to Today, Cheri also revealed that many teens were asking for school-related items that they couldn’t otherwise purchase. Seniors especially wanted to be able to buy yearbooks to commemorate their final year of high school.

“We have a lot of kids who are in the foster system, we have a lot of kids who are living in poverty,” the teacher explained. “These kids are facing enormous stress outside of the classroom.”

A teacher tears up while asking people to grant her students' Christmas wishes.
Screengrab from JustSomeGuy/TikTok

These students’ Christmas wishes were heard!

Thanks to Cheri’s tearful TikTok video, strangers from all over the country decided to participate in this year’s “Wishmas.” According to the English teacher, 300 students have had their Christmas wishes granted so far. Cheri also uploaded a few follow-up posts with additional information, including a sweet clip of her wrapping gifts for her students.

A teacher wraps Christmas presents for her students.
Screengrab from JustSomeGuy/TikTok

Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate our loved ones, but it’s important not to forget those in need. If Santa Claus has time to give a boy with cancer a tour of the North Pole, then we can certainly find it in our hearts to donate our energy and resources this holiday season!

Watch the video below to see teacher Cheri Guy wrapping gifts to help grant her students’ Christmas wishes.

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