Teacher Literally Steps Up So Wheelchair-Using Student Can Take The Spotlight.

Adam Mewhorter helps Casey Hubbard perform in marching band

When Casey Hubbard was growing up, he loved watching his older brother perform as a member of their school’s marching band.

Casey always admired the synchronized performances of the band, and as a trumpet player, he dreamed of following in his brother’s footsteps when he got to Southmoore High School in Moore, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, Casey wasn’t sure that would ever happen.

Casey was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. When he shared his dream with the school’s director of bands, Adam Mewhorter, he was surprised by his response. Not only was Adam open to the idea, but he was also willing to go to great lengths to make it happen!

“I’ve seen, obviously, students in wheelchairs in band programs many times but they’re usually just at the … front of the band,”Adam told GMA. “A lot of times they’ll just play their instruments set by them and I remember thinking, ‘I feel like we could probably do a little more.'”

Even with his director’s support, Casey wasn’t sure he’d ever get off the sidelines. It turns out, however, that he underestimated how devoted his teacher was to helping every student get the full marching band experience. By their next rehearsal, Adam had already come up with a way to get Casey front and center on the field!

Since Adam already knew the routines and spent his own school years in marching band, he volunteered to push Casey’s wheelchair during performances. They started off small, but every year they’ve increased Casey’s participation.

This year, Casey and Adam never left the field! Casey was able fulfill his dream of playing for the entire show, right next to his bandmates, which was Adam’s goal all along.

“Band and arts gives some opportunities just by the nature of what we do for a student like Casey to be a full participant,” said Adam. “And so me as an educator needs to make sure we know that and then make sure we explore that all the way, like if that’s something we can offer, then we need to offer it in its entirety. So, I think what’s made this one stand out a little bit more to other people is that I don’t think it’s just common.”

Adam hopes other teachers will see Casey and find ways to include all students in other school activities, too! As for Casey, he’s thrilled to be a fully participating member of the band. He’s having the time of his life, all thanks to one excellent educator.

Watch the video below to see Adam and Casey in action, and don’t forget to share.

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