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Ever Wondered How Your Dog’s Mind Works? This Psychologist Has The Answers!

Millie the noodle horse

Why do dogs tilt their heads when you talk? Roll around in the grass? Run around like maniacs after a bath? It turns out, it all comes down to psychology!

Taylor Huerta is an occupational therapist who adopted an off-the-track greyhound named Millie two years ago. When the dog, whom Taylor calls a “Noodle Horse” due to her lanky frame and horse-like appearance, developed anxiety, Taylor put her psychology degree to use and analyzed the dog’s behavior. Now she shares her findings on TikTok, and the videos are as informative as they are adorable.

1. Millie’s TikTok channel has more than 1.2 million followers looking for answers to questions like, “Why do dogs lean against your leg?” and, “Why do they sneeze while playing?”

2. She posts interesting facts like this one about how dogs can, and do, fall in love.

3. Did you know they sleep on your clothing because they love you?

4. She also shares important information, like physical signs that a dog is uncomfortable or anxious and may bite.

5. Why does your dog try to lick your cuts when you’re injured?


Although sweet, a dog’s mouth is full of bacteria and they should NEVER lick your cut/open wounds. This is just why they do so 🥺💕 #dog #fyp #dogs

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

6. What does it mean when they sprawl on their backs or lie in a tight “donut”? Common dog sleeping positions like these are explained below.

7. When you sleep next to your dog, your heartbeat syncs with theirs. Aw!

8. Speaking of co-sleeping, here are some health benefits to sleeping with your dog.

9. Ever wonder why dogs tilt their heads while looking at you?

10. Or why they roll around in the grass? And what’s the deal with zoomies, anyway?

11. How can you tell if your dog is happy? Look for the signs.

12. What about if your dog is anxious? Here’s how to tell.


Look out for these & keep your babies safe this Fourth of July. 🥺 #fy #fyp #dog #dogsoftiktok

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

13. Turns out, there’s a very scientific reason why “Dr. Doggo” sniffs your private area.

14. Taylor even has tips to ease and decrease separation anxiety.

15. Finally, here are some harmful things you may do to your dog without even realizing it.

Taylor said her content is “intended to educate, entertain, and engage” her viewers. Her goal is to help dog owners understand their fur babies better, thereby leading to deeper and more fulfilling relationship for them both.

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