Searching For The Perfect Career? This Website Will Guide You To It — For Free!

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The past few years have inspired a change of heart for many in the workforce.


In our grandparents’ day and age, people worked for the same company for decades, retiring comfortably with a gold watch and a pension. These days, many of our careers take a more winding path, and people are demanding more personal satisfaction and values-based employment.

Put simply, millennials and Gen Z’ers don’t just want a J-O-B; they want to feel like they’re making a difference in the world and like they’re being personally fulfilled by their careers. Selecting the kind of companies that place an emphasis on work-life balance while contributing to important social causes can be tricky, but thankfully, we all have someone on our side.

Introducing Tal&Dev, a free talent network run by a global team of experienced professionals with a proven track record in developing talent, mentoring, and changing the future of work. Tal&Dev aims to alter the current landscape of the recruitment process and refine how individuals look for careers. Signing up for their service is like hiring a virtual agent to guide you to the perfect intersection of personal and financial satisfaction!

Tal&Dev started off as a talent development platform to assess individuals and determine their best fit career path. They recently took their mission even further, adding a matching network to connect people with the perfect progressive employers to suit their goals. In their words:

The great resignation is here and with it has come a major power shift. We are moving from an era of lifelong employment to one of lifelong learning. It is time for talented individuals all over the world to take back their careers.

Tal&Dev’s matching network uses proprietary algorithms that have been proven to be 97 percent effective in predicting performance, career, and company fit. They protect user data and prevent unconscious bias by anonymously matching you to pre-vetted companies. Not only that, but Tal&Dev will also actively pitch your talents on your behalf, helping you find a perfect fit for your career.

Oh, and did we mention Tal&Dev is FREE and you only have to sign up once to be continuously matched?

The right progressive employer is out there, and they’re looking for profiles like yours. Tal&Dev makes it easy to find lasting career happiness and personal development opportunities. More than 10,000 people are already using the Tal&Dev tool, including employees at many Fortune 500 companies.

What are you waiting for? Join Tal&Dev’s talent pool now!

*We couldn’t do all the good that we’re doing without incredible sponsors like Tal&Dev. We hope you’ll join us in supporting them!

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