Take A Musical Journey With This Marching Band’s Hauntingly Beautiful Warmup.

view from behind of the blue devils marching band director as he directs the brass warm-ups before the drum corps international championship in august 2010.

If this is how amazing this marching band sounds when they’re just warming up, we can’t imagine how jaw-dropping their actual performance was that day!


The Blue Devils are a California-based marching group. Because they’re a part of an organization called the Drum Corps International (DCI), they’re able to compete with bands all across the U.S. during the summer. If they do well enough, they get to compete in the Championship – that’s exactly what happened in August 2010.

To prepare, they did what every band must do: They had warmups. You might not expect anything too special to come from these performances, but The Blue Devils’ brass warmup is evidence that that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When the music starts, it slowly builds into a sound you’d expect to hear in a horror movie. This continues until some of the notes begin to rise a few octaves until eerily beautiful harmonies fill the air. Then, suddenly, the music becomes so chaotic that it feels as though we’re back in a pivotal part of this imaginary movie. Finally, the music turns triumphant, causing the nearby crowd to cheer.

Wow, what an incredible musical journey to take just for a warmup!

Go on this journey with The Blue Devils yourself by watching the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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