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7 Guys Walk Onstage In Towels — Crowd Dies Laughing After Music Starts.

synchronized swimming

The great thing about high school talent shows is that anyone can participate – from singers to dancers and stand-up comedians.

Then there are the gutsier, super-confident teens who opt to take a chance and try something truly original. That’s exactly the case with Sam King and his friends. Voluntarily donning Speedos, they went out in front of their school with the hope of making a few people laugh!


The group of seven young men walked on stage with towels on, which was probably embarrassing enough.

Then they threw those off to reveal the tiny swimsuits! That’s when the true subject matter of their talent show skit was revealed – they were about to perform a synchronized swimming number onstage.


“Diving” into the “pool,” the guys performed a delightful routine set to the “Radetzky Marsch, Opera 228” by André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra.


They gracefully moved their arms and legs in the “pool,” making the crowd laugh harder and harder with every kick.

Then, suddenly, the mood darkened… the lighting changed and the theme from “Jaws” began to play.


After a brief struggle with a pesky inflatable shark, the lads were ready to take a bow and receive their accolades. Naturally, they exited the stage to the tune of the “Baywatch” theme song.

Watch the clever video, and don’t forget to share it with someone else who could use a laugh today.

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