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Sweet Sister Gets Her Sick Brother A Special Present From The Book Fair

sick brother present

A proud mom took a moment to rightfully brag about her kid on social media, and her post is warming hearts.

Brooke Olivia made a sweet video that highlighted her daughter doing something special for her brother when he was home sick with the flu. It begins by showing Brooke picking up her thoughtful girl from school on a rainy day.

As the daughter neared the car, Brooke saw she had something tucked under her sweatshirt. When she got in the car, she pulled out a giant Spiderman poster she was trying to keep dry.

The daughter had gotten the present for her sick brother, Max, when she went to her school’s bookfair in hopes it would “cheer him up.”

“What a sweet sister,” Brooke captioned. “They have their moments as brothers and sisters do. But they love each other so much and have the best [hearts].”

Brooke captured Max’s reaction when he saw the present. And she wrote that it was the first time the sick brother had smiled in days.

Sister show's off present for sick brother

“That ‘sibling smile’ he gives when she shows him the poster – total core memory,” a follower gushed.

“Omg the look on his face 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,” another wrote.

In the comments, Brooke also noted that her daughter didn’t just get her sick brother a present, she also bought a “BBF notebook” when she found out a girl in class didn’t have any money for the book fair.

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