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Sweet Pet Geese Offer Unexpected Sympathy To Owner With Broken Foot.

These geese realized that their owner broke her foot.

Dogs aren’t the only loyal pets out there! One Instagram video proved that birds can be just as true-blue as the next animal. When a woman showed her geese that her foot was broken, they immediately understood that she couldn’t play with them like she usually would. They refused to run around, encouraging their owner to rest up!

After curiously inspecting the injured foot, one goose even began to stand on one leg, just like his human. The woman noted in her video that geese never leave a hurt flock member behind; instead, a couple of birds will usually opt to stick around and help. That’s just was her pet geese were doing for her!

Watch the video below to see these adorable geese care for their owner.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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