“I Wanted To Help.” 8-Yr-Old Bakes Up A Storm To Buy Gifts For Foster Kids.

Summer Linn and gifts for foster kids

A child in Pearland, Texas, has stepped into the role of Santa’s Helper to make sure foster kids aren’t forgotten this Christmas.


Eight-year-old Summer Linn has grown up hearing stories about living in foster care from her mom, Max Ryder. Max was in the system for seven long years, so she knows firsthand how lonely the holidays can feel to kids who don’t have a family of their own.

“Thanksgiving and Christmas … when it’s supposed to be a time with family, you feel unwanted and unloved. Because again, you’re a foster kid,” Max said.

Hearing about those experiences made a big impact on Summer. This year, she decided to do something to make sure that foster kids she doesn’t even know have a present waiting for them under the tree!

“I wanted to help so I thought about making cupcakes,” Summer said. “I buy gifts with them for the foster kids.”

Summer has baked up over 2,000 cupcakes so far, selling them at the Pearland shopping center for $5 a box. She then takes her earnings and buys toys and other gifts for these children in need. So far, she’s “adopted” 13 foster kids to receive presents.

“They deserve something that makes them feel like they’re wanted and loved, which they are,” she said.

In her letter to Santa this year, Summer asked him to find all the foster kids good homes – but she understands that this is a big ask. Her goal is to help St. Nick out because she knows how difficult it must be for him to keep track of everyone, and she wants to send a message to these kids.

“He’s very busy,”Summer said. “They get moved a lot. They’re special no matter what anyone says or does. Seriously. They deserve a good Christmas. They need a good home.â€

If you’d like to help, Summer is accepting donations made through her mom’s business page on Facebook.

Foster kids are often forgotten during the holidays, but Summer refuses to let that happen. This is one child with empathy to spare. We should all try to be as generous and thoughtful as this 8-year-old!

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