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Sugar Zoomies! 3 Hungry Bears Sniff Their Way Onto A Krispy Kreme Truck In Alaska.

A two-photo collage. The first shows an open Krispy Kreme truck with three black bears inside. The second photo shows a close up of the three bears with one of them looking right at the camera.

Bears are known for sniffing their way to food being stored on camp sites or at picnics, but those aren’t the only places you’ll find them on the hunt. Turns out, bears can be rather clever when it comes to finding tasty treats. This is something TikTok user michaelmilligan256, or Milli, found out first hand in Alaska when he was out at night. When Milli first spotted a Krispy Kreme truck, he likely didn’t think much of it.

Even the doors being open probably didn’t indicate to him that something was up. But then, upon closer inspection, there wasn’t a single person inside. In fact, there were three black bears instead, all happily scrounging for food. Milli shared this moment on TikTok, prompting someone to comment, “I’d like to dine with these distinguished gentlemen.”

“I should’ve pulled up a chair,” Milli wrote in reply. “Completely slipped my mind.”

Watch Milli discover three black bears with a craving for sugar in the video below.

@michaelmilligan256 Black bears love krispy kreme too #fyp #bears #alaska #krispykremedonuts ♬ original sound – Milli

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