Stunning Timelapse Video Shows 2 Yrs Of Woman’s Epic Hair Regrowth Journey.

Timelapse of hair regrowth progress.

Let’s face it: most of us hesitate when we think of chopping off our hair. The idea of a buzzcut could make some break into a cold sweat. But not Dana Delilah — she’s a woman who opted for a big chop, and she documented every hair-raising moment.


Woman on Week 0 of hair regrowth journey.

You won’t believe what her camera caught over 104 weeks. That’s right, she took side-profile snaps from November 2019 to November 2021, chronicling the entire journey of her hair growing back. Each week, one snapshot. No cheating.

So, how did her hair evolve? From sprouting tufts to cascading waves, the time-lapse of 104 pictures reveals her commitment and natural beauty. Her hair is a timeline of self-love and sheer persistence.

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