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Stunning “I Will Always Love You” Rendition Will Send Chills Down Your Spine.

A two-photo collage. The first shows Roland Abante from afar as he stands on the "America's Got Talent" stage singing "I Will Always Love You." There is fog on the stage and a guitar player sitting near him on a stool. The second photo shows a close up of Roland, eyes closed, as he signs passionately into the mic.

It’s not easy to make it to the qualifier round of “America’s Got Talent,” but it’s no wonder that Roland Abante is one of the few who did — people absolutely adore his unique voice! Still, many were surprised by his song choice: “I Will Always Love You.” The song became famous thanks to both Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston, two powerhouses.

Despite his talent, it was hard for some people to picture how his husky voice would fit the song. Any doubts folks may have had quickly faded, though, when Roland began to sing. Fog filled the stage, creating the perfect ambiance. The performance itself was simple — a guitar player sat nearby and provided the music.

But Roland’s ability to convey emotions through song made the performance incredibly powerful. The unique spin his husky voice gave this iconic song made it especially memorable. Plus, he delivered unexpected high notes reminiscent of the originals. Truly, such a stunning performance!

Watch Roland’s unforgettable spin on “I Will Always Love You” in the video below.

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