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Stray Kitten Won’t Stop Purring Until He Has Hiker Wrapped Around His Little Paw.

kitten before and after being found in woods

The middle of the wilderness is not someplace you’d expect to find a helpless kitten.

YouTuber @HikeMeARiver uploads a new video of one of his extra-long hikes every other Tuesday. Recently, he embarked on a 21K hike through a remote area, shooting video the whole way. As he’s crossing a metal bridge in the middle of nowhere, he hears the desperate cries of a tiny kitten.

The hiker says he was fully exhausted by the time the cat approached him, rendering him helpless in the face of such incredible cuteness!

“Oh, hello there!” the man says as the kitten rushes towards him, already purring.

The hiker opens his pack and gives the kitten a meat stick, which the hungry animal devours. He keeps pulling out snacks to share with the kitten until he finally seems satisfied. Unfortunately, that meant when the man tried to leave, the kitten stuck by his side like glue!

“Okay, so we may have a problem here,” the man says to the camera. “I gave some food to the little kitten, and now it doesn’t want to leave me.”

When he tries to run away from the cat, the cat follows. Finally, he realizes that he doesn’t just have a temporary hiking companion; he’s got himself a new friend!

“Well, I guess I’m taking you with me,” he says at last. “I did not expect my hike to end this way, but what can you do?”

Once they’re back at home, the hiker shared updates on how the kitten is settling in at home. He says it was effortless; the cat uses the litter box and loves people so much, he wonders if he used to belong to a family. How he ended up in the middle of nowhere remains a mystery!

“It’s been exactly two weeks now,” said the hiker. “I’ve learned a lot in that period about cats in general, about taking care of one. So far, so good. There were no major problems, I think. He’s adapting really well to the indoor lifestyle. I’m still not sure where he came from, and how he ended up under the bridge.”

You just never know where you’ll be when your next best friend comes to find you! We’re so glad this story has a happy ending for all involved.

Watch the video of this cute little kitten thriving with his new human below, and don’t forget to share.

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