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Stranger Praises “Incredible” Way Dad Defuses Toddler’s Meltdown In Target

A woman tells a story into the camera while sitting in her car.

When this woman witnessed a dad’s effective reaction to his toddler having a meltdown in Target, she just had to share the story online. A mom named Cari hopped onto social media to tell everyone about the A+ parenting moment! It all started when the little boy spotted a book that he wanted to buy. His father said no, causing the child to throw a fit!

Instead of getting angry with the toddler for having a meltdown in a public place, Dad calmly took his son aside to speak to him. However, it wasn’t to admonish him for causing a scene. It was to help the little boy calm down!


I legit felt like i was grounded and came back to reality at that moment😃 #parenting #incredible #toddler #shopping #grounding

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According to the woman’s video, this father started by giving the kid a comforting hug. Then, he asked the toddler questions to guide him out of his meltdown. He directed the child to identify what store they were in and what type of floor they were standing on — things that he could observe in the physical world around him.

“He was grounding him,” the impressed mom explained in her video. “Bringing him back to reality.”

Dad’s technique worked like a charm!

Not only was this method extremely loving and sympathetic, it was also successful!

“It worked,” continued the woman. “This little boy came so quickly back to his senses and, like, stopped crying, and was having this really awesome conversation with his dad. I was like, ‘What?’ It was incredible.”

A woman tells a story into the camera while sitting in her car.
Screengrab from TikTok

One of the reasons this mom was so impressed with the man’s ability to deal with his toddler’s meltdown was that he was so young. She recalled that in her younger days it was way too easy for her to respond to her kids with anger instead of compassion. There definitely seemed to be some regret in her tone when she described this.

It’s so refreshing to hear about a dad reacting to his toddler’s meltdown in such a sweet way. We also love to see parents lifting each other up like this!

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