Stranger Does Cutest “Wellness Check” On German Shepherd He Sees On Walks

older man in front of a ring camera

This neighbor walked by a German shepherd on his walks most days. However, he realized after awhile that it’d been a minute since he saw this dog. So he walked up to the front door and delivered the cutest “wellness check” ever.

He politely rang the doorbell and talked to the owner through the speaker, inquiring about the health of the pup.


My dog loves to sit at the gate and people watch. Apparently this sweet random man plays with her and came to my door to check and see how Aria is doing since he hadn’t seen her in a while 🥺🥺 @Ring

♬ original sound – Carolyn

After she assured him that the German shepherd was alive and well, he thanked her and wished her well.

This little wellness check was an adorable act of neighborly kindness, and an important reminder about the power of caring for others.

Oh… and look how cute the German shepherd is!

german shepherd in window
This image is from TikTok.

This neighbor got to greet the dog shortly after his mini wellness check, and they couldn’t have been faster friends.

Certainly, the German shepherd appreciated seeing his visitor!


Replying to @Kathleen Pavan heres my dog’s secret boyfriend named Ted.

♬ original sound – Carolyn

It seems that the neighbor had lost his own pup. When a dog crosses over the Rainbow Bridge, there’s little to do other than grieve. His wellness check for this neighbor’s dog was probably a wellness check for him, too.

As this TikTok commenter put it, “Sometimes people are just good.”

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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