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Stranger Cover’s Mans $110 Gas Bill, Writes 3 Words On Receipt Before Vanishing.

two men and receipt

If you’ve ever lost your wallet or found yourself unexpectedly short on cash at the register, the story below will resonate with you.

Tyson Crawley had just switched bank accounts and transferred all of his funds from one to the other as part of the process. Assuming all was in order, Crawley mistakenly took his old debit card to the gas pump the next day to fill up his vehicle. After he’d filled up his truck and went inside to take care of his $110 bill, Crawley realized his tragic, though honest, mistake. While he was panickedly fumbling for a solution at the register he felt a tap on his shoulder.

The man behind him asked whether Crawley needed any help with his bill. Before Crawley could finish answering the man, he swiped his own card without hesitation paying the $110 debt for a total stranger.


Overwhelmed with gratefulness, Crawley assured the stranger that he would pay him back and asked for the man’s name and number. The good samaritan scribbled something on the back of the receipt, folded it and handed the paper over…


Crawley opened the receipt to find zero contact information, only a short note that read “pass it on.” Crawley immediatly turned to try and persuade the man to accept his payback offer, but the stranger, now known only as John, was gone.

What a beautiful reminder to be kind. Share this wonderful story with your friends today!

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