15 Strange Sights People Stumble Across While Out Walking In The Woods

truck suspended from trees in woods, a framed painting on a tree in the forest

Taking a walk in the woods can improve our focus and instill us with a feeling of gratitude.

One never knows what natural or man-made wonders we might stumble upon, which adds a bit of excitement to any woodsy wandering. The intriguing photos below were all taken by people while they were out walking in the woods. Their jaws must have dropped to the ground when they spotted these unusual (and sometimes unsettling) sights!

1. This massive boulder already looked like a dinosaur head, so some clever hiker added the final touches.

2. The forest has fully reclaimed this forgotten pair of shoes.

3. Nice try, fairies. We know better than to go in there!

4. Now that’s a big wild mushroom! (Don’t worry; the dog’s owner says she is naturally derpy. She didn’t eat any of the mushroom.)

5. Someone turned these dead trees into a dinosaur duel for the ages.

6. What happens if we turn the knob? (Is it Narnia? We think it’s Narnia.)

7. “Found a cool tree in my local park and felt like it needed some magic.”

8. Now that’s unusual! This person found a cougar skull in the woods.

9. Albino animals are so incredible! Just look at this majestic moose refusing to blend in with his environment.

10. “This looks like a good spot for a framed painting.” – Some random person.

11. Walking through the woods in Ireland when suddenly… a castle!

This tower we found in an Irish forest looks like something out of a fairytale
by u/wintsykia in pics

12. This rock formation is 100% natural, and 100% creepy!

13. You know what this forest needs? A chandelier.

14. “I have no good explanation for this. Found three hours into deep forest, 20-feet in the air, and impaled on a tree. Hours away from major roads.”

random truck hanging high in the air from some trees in the woods.

15. We see your suspended pickup truck, and we raise one abandoned ship.

This abandoned ship in the middle of a forest
by u/csnaber in oddlyterrifying

We feel extremely ripped off because we’ve never seen anything half this cool in our woods! Perhaps it’s time to start leaving behind some whimsy of our own?

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