13 Strange Sights People Stumble Across While Out Walking In The Woods

truck suspended from trees in woods, a framed painting on a tree in the forest

Taking a walk in the woods can improve our focus and instill a feeling of gratitude. One never knows what natural or man-made wonders we might stumble upon, which adds a bit of excitement to any woodsy wandering. The intriguing photos below were all taken by people while they were out walking in the woods. Their jaws must have dropped to the ground when they spotted these unusual (and sometimes unsettling) sights!

1. This massive boulder already looked like a dinosaur head, so some clever hiker added the final touches.

large boulder in the woods that has rocks placed at "eye" and "mouth" areas so it looks like a dinorsaur head.

Art is all around us!

2. The forest has fully reclaimed this forgotten pair of shoes.

a pair of shoes that has been in the woods for so long they are

This has a very apocalyptic feel to it.

3. Nice try, fairies. We know better than to go in there!

a set of open french doors in the woods with nothing around them, revealing a table and chairs just past them.

It’s welcoming though…

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