Dog Refuses To Leave Water, When Man Moves Closer He Sees Stranded Animal.

dog in ocean

At InspireMore, we’ve seen dogs form unlikely friendships with dozens of animals. There was the story of Duggie the Dolphin and a local yellow lab that had the sweetest tradition. The pup ran down to the water every day then swam out to sea to meet his best friend in their usual spot for playtime… Their undying friendship was a treat for us all to behold.

We’ve seen pups cuddle up to pigs, foxes and even a fleet of parakeets. They just don’t seem to care about what’s on the outside. It would seem that dogs know better than people, it is of course, what’s on the inside that counts.

You’ll be happy to hear, the cuteness doesn’t stop there.

A man and his Cocker Spaniel were walking along a beach on the British Isle when the pup ran straight to the water’s edge acting alarmed. The man called to his pup and tried to get it to heel, but the dog wasn’t having it.

Upon closer inspection, the owner saw what all the fuss was about… a baby dolphin was stranded on the shore.

Without a second thought, the man rushed to the dolphin’s aid helped it back into deeper water. It was a truly heroic moment for both man and dog!

Check it out in the video below.

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